Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Good-bye, Old Man Winter, Spring is in the air!

For the past few days I have noticed that there is heat in the sun (on the rare occasion that it is shining). This heat penetrates past the cold of even the chilliest day. Standing out of the wind, one can feel it and even bask in it. Then last night, walking back from my shower with wet hair, I felt a breeze. The temperature could not have been more that 9 degrees celcius but the breeze felt warm. I instantly thought of sitting on deck after the babe is asleep, watching the sun set and the moon rise, sipping a cool drink. Summer. We probably have a good month more of the nasty winter weather. It's enough to send a liveaboard running for the nearest condo for sale. But that little trace of warmth is enough. It reminds me of pleasant days past. And it promises more of the same. Soon the days of compromises and discomforts will be behind us. We will once again be living in luxury. The luxury that comes from owning a boat that is comfortable enough for living aboard and worthy enough to fulfill many a dream.

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