Thursday, May 01, 2008

Tears of Joy

Our little girl is a liveaboard baby. If I had any doubt in my mind, she cleared it for me.

We came home from the cottage, after an extended stay. When we arrived, I took her out of the car and said, "Look, there's your boat!". All was quiet. We walked down the dock and as we got closer I repeated, using words she will often use, "Look, there's boaty!". Again, quiet.

I put her on board and turned to see what hubby was carrying. When I turned back, she had her head down on the cabin top and she was sobbing loudly, with tears streaming down her face. I instantly thought she must have hurt herself and ran to her asking what was wrong.

Through her sobs, and after many repeats, I finally understood what she was so emotional about. She said, "I missed boaty for such a long, long, long time" and she continued to sob. I carried her inside and we cuddled. I sat on her bed with her and she suddenly perked up and asked if I would like to see her treasures. Then she proceeded to show me every little toy or nick nack that surrounded her bed, piling it all up in the centre, telling me all about each piece. She was so incredibly happy to be home.

A drama queen, for certain. But with all the comments about how happy she is to have all that space at the cottage, we begin to question if we are providing enough for her. Thank you, baby girl, for answering the question.

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