Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Spring, for us, has officially sprung.
The plastic cover came down in record time this past Friday. C made some minor alterations to the frame for next years cover. Then the lumber came down on Saturday. It feels so different, now that we're out of our plastic bubble. A little vulnerable, I guess. Definitely more aware of what I'm wearing as I wander around near the big pilot house windows.
We had one almost mishap with the cover coming down.
When the cover goes up, one of the stays gets moved in order to make a bigger doorway. When C went to move it back to it's proper location, he forgot to tie off the triatic. I was inside cooking supper when I heard a loud and urgent sounding bang on the cabin side. I quickly ran up the ladder to hear C saying, "grab that blue line, quick". That's when I realized that our mizzen mast was slowing lowering itself down, rotating on it's pedestal. Oops! I quickly grabbed the line and easily righted the mast. Seems the whole process of self-lowering our mizzen is even easier than we thought it might be.
Considering C got off of nightshift that morning and had not slept in well over 24 hours, I think we can let the little error go. Whew!
Oh, and need I say, we had a little audience for this. A couple of racers who NEVER make mistakes, of course. Does anyone else find that whenever something goes amiss, there's is always an audience?
Anyway... yeah!!!!! Cover is down!!!!
Now if only that guy would move out of our summer spot so we could go back to our million dollar view at the end of the dock.

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