Thursday, January 03, 2008

Christmas Day then back to work!!

Christmas day reprieve. Mom and Dad have been non-stop helping us to get ready for this day. I'm sure they are at least as tired as we are. The walls and most of the cupboards have all been primed in the kitchen. It is a stark white... almost as white as Nikki's hair!

The walls have received a coat of finish paint in a soft yellow with brown undertones. It's much darker than this pictures suggests.

Another angle on the kitchen to see the finish paint. We shouldn't have to change the blinds for a while with this colour. But we WILL change them one day!

Next project already underway...
Princess bedroom.
The dark panelling has been primed. We learned that some outside air just blows right in through the wiring on the window wall. There was condensation on the wall and the primer wouldn't stick (bottom right). Next week we'll leave it cold in that room in order to keep the walls dry enough to get paint on. Later, Cos will go under the house to try to sprayfoam the wiring holes.

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