Thursday, July 17, 2008

Working Vacation

We were 'on the hard' for a couple weeks and just relaunched this past Monday. It was time (way past time) for some bottom maintenance and we had yet to put our own paintjob on the hull above the water line. So out it came. While toddler and I spent just over a week at the cottage, dear Cos scraped the bottom of the boat down to bare steel. Then, once grandparents were available to stay with our princess, I joined Cos for the painting portion of the project. It was quite a job. On bare steel, Cos applied an epoxy sealer. Then it was three coats of epoxy primer on the bottom and two coats of epoxy primer on the sides. We overlapped the top and bottom coats to thicken it up at the water line. Then we applied a two part epoxy finish coat from the water line up. Antifouling went on the bottom next, with a double coat near sensors and at the water line. Finally, we used a one part finish paint to add back the 'racing stripe' (LMAO) and an additional stripe just above the water line. We always thought she was a pretty boat. But, my goodness, what a fresh coat of paint can do! Just beautiful. It's like falling in love all over again.
I'll post some pictures of the work from haul-out to completion.

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