Monday, September 17, 2007

We just bought some dirt.

Well, we have officially entered the ranks of home-owners... Mortgaged up to our eyeballs and unable to take family vacations away.

We're not selling the boat or even moving off of it.

We bought a 'cottage'. It's a house. But we keep insisting it's a cottage so our family doesn't get the wrong idea and start thinking we're going to conform to their 'norm'.

The place needs quite a bit of work. But we think we're up for it. And we're excited (and terrified!). We sign the papers in the morning and then there is the rush for arranging the financing and the home inspection and the insurance and... the list goes on... and never ends. We take possession December 1st. Christmas in our own house? I don't know about that. We'll see. Nothing like unfinished walls and floors and a lack of furniture to put a damper on your Christmas spirit (laugh). Did I mention that we're excited?

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