Tuesday, August 21, 2007

"But where does the baby sleep?" they all ask.

If we get around to taking a better picture of the built-in crib, I will post it. But it's pretty incredible so I thought I should put some visuals up. You can almost see it around my expanding belly in one photo(eight days before due date). Then you can see the make-shift mobile and the dresser drawers in the next. The final shot shows a pretty complete view of the set up although you can't see the storage compartment and toy drawers below the bed. This crib is located in the main salon. We converted a four foot bench that is across from the dinette and directly aft of the entrance to our v-berth/master stateroom. One might think we were planning ahead in our initial construction of this perfect little space. She's still sleeping there, 2 years later. But the aft cabin is coming along nicely. Just need to find some time to decorate and tidy.

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